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Podiatry @ Saltfleet Clinic

Our podiatry team brings high level expertise and sophisticated treatment protocols to resolve discomfort and dysfunction in your foot and lower leg. We provide a range of services from general treatments to biomechanics and gait analysis, mobilisation and manipulation, orthotic/insole therapy, sports injury recovery and much more.

The Podiatry services offered at Saltfleet Clinic include:


General Treatment

  • Toenails

  • Callus and Corns

  • Plantar Warts

  • Ingrown Toenails

  • Diabetes Assessment and Treatment 


Biomechanics is the study of the mechanical and physical laws which determine the way our body moves and functions.
Podiatrists are particularly interested in the biomechanics of the foot and leg and it's relationship to the development of painful conditions which affect not only the foot but also the ankles, hips and even the back.
We look at your standing, lying and analyse your gait (you walking or running). Your podiatrist will look at your structural alignment as well as your muscle activity when walking or running. This helps us diagnose your complaint and therefore treat it appropriately.

Foot Mobilisation and Manipulation
This is a gentle manual therapy similar to physiotherapy or chiropractic techniques only concentrated on the complex foot and ankle. This treatment option can be in combination with orthotic therapy or for the person who does not want to change their shoe practices that orthoses tend to require. FMT undoes the restrictions of our connective tissues that have occurred over our lifetime. This allows our foot and ankle joints to go back to moving in their full range and to potentially restore joint mobility with some self maintenance.

Orthotic/Insole Therapy
Orthoses are custom-made shoe inserts which assist in realigning foot imbalances. Prescription orthoses are made specifically for your feet, because no two pairs of feet are exactly the same. Your podiatrist will give you a biomechanical examination which involves observing joint movement, muscle function and walking/running patterns.

Sporting Injuries
It's quite common to have niggling, ongoing pain in the lower back, knees, legs , ankles and feet when walking, running or playing a sport. These sporting activities place greater physical demands on the body than normal day-to day activities. Your podiatrist understands the structure and the movement of the leg/foot, therefore they can diagnose lower limb conditions and thus, reason for your pain. Your podiatrist can provide recommendations of appropriate footwear for your foot type and for your training regimes.

Footwear Advice
We all have our favourite shoe styles. Whether it be an Aussie thong or your most comfortable wedge, at some stage we all need to make sensible choices when it comes sore feet. Choosing an everyday shoe, one that is worn most of the day or through your working week is extremely important as this is when your feet are going to let you know if they are not happy. Whether it is a work, school or sports shoe there are some common podiatrist recommendations to go by.

Sore feet?
Don't stand for it.

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