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VALD - Human Measurement Technologies


VALD - Human Measurement Technologies

VALD Human Measurement Technology is used in 20 EPL clubs, 25 NBA teams, 27 NFL teams, 17 NRL teams and over 100 allied health clinics. 


As one of the first clinics in South Australia to bring you VALD - Human Measurement Technologies, Saltfleet Clinic is proud to introduce VALD DynaMo – a dynamometer for strength and inclinometer for range of movement testing by our physiotherapists and podiatrists.


This incredible and easy human measurement technology provides immediate and accurate objective data, to:

  • improve muscle performance

  • understand and reduce injury risk

  • enhance recovery and return to sport

To get started simply hit BOOK NOW and select an appointment with one of our physiotherapists or podiatrists.

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1. Assess

Whether it be knee, hamstring, shoulder or groin we use VALD DynaMo to conduct a strength and range of motion assessments, without any guess work. Standard manual muscle testing is often subjective, vague and doesn’t provide true objective or numerical results. The VALD DynaMo is easy to use, with a range of attachments that consistently measure muscle strength and range of motion accurately.

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2. Set Baselines

Our VALD assessment provides meaningful data that can be tracked over time. The VALD DynaMo allows you to see results immediately on the built-in screen and in the DynaMo mobile app. The software also allows to you easily monitor progress and trends in your results. Having an objective measure of your results and progress can be incredibly motivating and rewarding.  

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3. Intervene

Using the objective data from the VALD assessment we can design better training, strengthening and rehabilitation programs.   

Your physiotherapist will assign a treatment plan and exercise program tailored to you, aimed at addressing any areas of weakness – to help you to improve or recover into a stronger, more balanced version of yourself.

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4. Re-Assess

After you have worked hard with your physiotherapist or podiatrist to address any areas that have been identified for improvement, it’s time to see how far you’ve come! Re-measuring with the DynaMo gives us a great data set to compare, and objectively see how much you’ve improved along your journey. The easy-to-use VALD software provides an amazing set of data, with comparable graphs and other visual aids to help highlight your rehab wins, and clearly quantify your progress.

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