Physiotherapy @ Saltfleet Clinic

Our highly skilled physiotherapy team provide thorough assessment, diagnosis and hands-on treatment strategies to manage your pain and improve your function and overall quality of life. We utilise personalised, evidence-based treatment techniques to minimise pain and optimise performance in sport, work and general daily life.

The Physiotherapy services offered at Saltfleet Clinic include:


Manual therapies

Hands-on physiotherapy treatment, including soft tissue release, massage, joint mobilisation/manipulation, trigger point release, stretching, nerve mobilisation, muscle energy techniques and taping.


Exercise Programmes

Exercises have a key role in injury rehabilitation and movement optimisation. Exercise programmes can be centred around:



Lengthening muscle fibres to decrease muscle tightness due to overuse, postural factors, inappropriate movement patterns, or muscle strain.



Increasing muscle strength, control and endurance through individually tailored programmes for postural improvement, pelvic floor/deep core muscle conditioning, injury rehabilitation/prevention and movement/performance optimisation.



Improving balance, joint and nerve mobility.


Dry Needling

Use of sterile, single use, stainless steel needles is used to deactivate muscular trigger points (‘knots’), decrease tension and taut bands within muscles, decrease joint stiffness, decrease healing time and improve healing quality of muscle/tendon and ligament injuries and assist with reduction of referred pain due to nerve injuries/compression.



Patient education is a crucial element of physiotherapy management, empowering patients by equipping them with the ability to understand the causes and nature of their injury, how to manage it and strategies to prevent recurrence.


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