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Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation

Aging man having pain in his knee on the

Operation Rehab

While less common, surgery is still necessary for a number of different conditions. Physiotherapy can be very important for both pre and post operative care. If your muscles are strong prior to surgery this will optimise your recovery after any operation. Your physio can guide you through pre-surgery exercises and after surgery with your rehabilitation, and help you work towards your goals. Physiotherapy is valuable in providing appropriate manual therapy and clear direction with vital exercises and strengthening. It is very normal to be weaker after surgery and it is really important to regain this strength to ensure you can return to your day to day activities, sporting goals, or just life in general, as soon as possible.  

Monitoring for signs of infection post surgery is also really important. Areas of heat, redness or swelling beyond what you would expect, may be worth having checked or monitored by your healthcare professional.

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