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5 tips for choosing a good shoe

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

We all know how many shoes are on the market today and how overwhelming it may be trying to pick a suitable (and stylish!) shoe that also fits appropriately. Here I have summarised 5 simple tips in choosing a good shoe, as well as some fitting tips.

1. Wait until the afternoon to fit your shoes. Naturally, your feet will swell during the day and you should allow a little extra depth for this.

2. Always try on the shoes on both of your feet. Did you know that around 60% of people have different sized feet?

3. Ensure you have a thumb's width of room at the end of your longest toe for movement. Any less, your longest toe will be irritated and constantly hit the end of the shoe - and may lead to painful toenails and skin lesions, and too much room, your foot will be slipping around in the shoe and this may lead to falls and muscle overuse!

4. Sturdier shoes are the best - in particular a shoe which does not twist though the middle and has a strong heel counter for stability.

5. Always accomodate for any orthotics, insoles or wedges that your podiatrist may have given you.

Some of the podiatrist-friendly shoes I recommend to patients include:

- The Running Company (athletic shoes)

- Frankie4 Footwear (Womens work and casual shoes)

If you are unsure what shoes are best for you, book an appointment with myself or Mia at Saltfleet Clinic, Port Noarlunga!


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