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Philosophy @ Saltfleet Clinic

At Saltfleet Clinic we provide excellence in individual and family care, health optimisation, rehabilitation and pain management. Our multidisciplinary team will work together to achieve outcomes for you. 


How will you get better?


Initial assessment:

When you meet our practitioners for the first time, they will listen to your concerns and conduct a thorough initial assessment, taking into account your background, activities, goals and movement patterns.

Treatment plan:

We will work with you to to devise a personalised treatment plan. In some cases you may be referred across our team to see other practitioners as well. We aim to meet your needs under the one roof.


Ongoing review:

Our practitioners will lead you through your treatment plan and conduct a thorough review at key milestones along the way.


Recovery phase:

You are now beginning to see the long term benefits of your treatment plan. Appointments will be scheduled with less frequency, but enough to ensure your healthy journey continues.

Health Optimisation

Health Optimisation

Supporting people of all ages to optimise their health and prevent illness. Strategies will include:

  • personalised exercise programs

  • specialised equipment programs

  • diet and nutrition advice

  • bio-mechanic assessment and intervention

  • mobilisation and manipulation



Providing a seamless transition from diagnosis, to treatment and recovery from injury.


Rehabilitation may be required due to sports injury or degenerative conditions of the body’s muscular, skeletal and nervous system.


Saltfleet Clinic will coordinate services from initial diagnosis to treatment through to recovery.

Pain Management

Pain Management

The management of chronic health conditions and pain, so people can participate in life.


As people age it is more likely they will develop more wellness issues.


Saltfleet Clinic practitioners will apply best-practice in the management of pain/discomfort and chronic health conditions.

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