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Fraser Green | Physiotherapist

Having completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (APAM) from The University of South Australia in 2017, Fraser has since gained considerable musculoskeletal physiotherapy experience over the past 5 years, in a private practice setting.


Fraser has experience treating a wide range of conditions. He has additional qualifications in Neuromuscular Dry Needling (Levels I and II), and Kinetic Link Training (KLT).


Fraser has a passion for all things sport and loves to take on an active lifestyle. He has developed a particular interest in exercises and strengthening to help empower clients, and improve treatment outcomes. Despite his active approach, Fraser believes in a rounded approach to treatment, incorporating hands-on techniques and important education to help you leave feeling your best. 


Outside physiotherapy, Fraser is passionate about rugby and exercise, enjoys travel; having taken on mountaineering pursuits in Nepal and South America, and spending time with his partner, family, and friends.

Key Qualifications and Interests

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (APAM)

  • Neuromuscular Dry Needling (Levels I and II)

  • Kinetic Link Training (KLTT)

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