Psychology Service Agreement @ Saltfleet Clinic

Welcome and thanks for choosing psychology at Saltfleet Clinic. We look forward to meeting you at your initial appointment and we ask you to take the time to read below which will assist us to provide you with a professional, high quality service.


Appointment Duration

Initial and subsequent sessions with our psychologist run for 50-55 minutes. Late arrival will cause appointment times to be shorter to allow us to provide service to the next consultee.


We ask you to consent to the information contained herein, as well as the privacy policy available at the bottom of all pages at You have the right to withhold or withdraw consent to participate in psychological services at any time, without affecting your right to future care. When you sign the patient intake for we will takes this as your consent to this information and privacy policy.


Crisis Support

Saltfleet Clinic does not provide a 24 hour or crisis support service. If you have an emergency please contact 000 for assistance or present to your local hospital. If you require crisis support please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Mental Health Triage on 13 14 65.



Please call 8186 1963 prior to 2pm on the day before your appointment to change or cancel your appointment. Cancellations made after 2pm on the day prior may incur a fee. Medicare and insurance companies to not provide a rebate for these charges. 2 or more consecutive cancellations or non-attendances may result in your file being archived and future appointments being forfeited. 



If you have an enquiry, the Saltfleet Clinic client services team will be pleased to take/return your call within working hours. Your psychologist may not be available to answer enquiries outside of session times.



As part of providing a psychological service to you, your psychologist will need to collect and record personal information that is relevant to your current situation. Confidential information shared with between you and your psychologist will remain confidential unless:

  • You have provided your explicit consent for the information to be shared with another person or organisation, e.g., your doctor, another allied health professional etc.

  • It is required by law that the information be disclosed or the information is subpoenaed by a court

  • Failure to disclose the information would place you or another person at significant risk of harm



Please refer to the Saltfleet Clinic Privacy Policy for full details on how your personal information is kept and stored.


Fees and Payment

Saltfleet Clinic does not provide a bulk-billing (no gap) psychology service. Fees are available on our website at Payment is required in full at the time of your consultation. Medicare and private health rebates may be available to you - private health clients pay the gap only, Medicare clients must pay the full amount in order to claim the Medicare rebate. 

A client who does not attend a scheduled appointment or cancels at short notice will be required to pay a $50 non-refundable deposit to secure their next booking. This will be deducted from the out-of-pocket cost of their session on the day.


GP Mental Health Careplans

If you have a Mental Health Care Plan, please be aware that following the sixth session you will be required to see your doctor to review if you are eligible for a further four and ten sessions in that calendar year. A brief report will be provided to your doctor by your psychologist indicating treatment progress following sessions 6, 10 and 20, and if your file is archived.


Feedback and Complaints

Should you wish to provide feedback or make a complaint about your sessions with our psychologist, and do not feel comfortable raising these directly with our psychologist, please contact our managing director, Jason Williams by calling the clinic on 8186 1963. Should you have serious concerns about your sessions, you may direct complaints directly to the Psychology Board of Australia, or the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Association.