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Feedback @ Saltfleet Clinic

Saltfleet Clinic gathers feedback from patients to help us achieve our vision to be a centre of excellence in family care, health optimisation, injury rehabilitation and pain management. 

When patients were asked on a scale of 1-10 how likely they are to refer Saltfleet Clinic to a friend, our average score is 9.4/10 which means we receive strong word-of-mouth referrals. We are very grateful for this feedback as we have worked hard to create a facility and a team culture centred around excellence in family care, health optimisation, injury rehabilitation and pain management.


How do we collect feedback?


Contact Form 

On our website you can visit our contact form here to provide your feedback at any time.

Patient Surveys

From time to time we will survey our patient database with a formal survey tool.



We are always happy to receive your feedback in person in the clinic.

What do we do with feedback?


We use quality tools such as the PDSA Cycle (Plan, Do, Study, Act) in order to review feedback from patients, then plan, implement and evaluate improvement priorities.

Making an Appointment and Wait Times


Making an Appointment and Wait Times

  • Patients like the convenience of the online booking option

  • Patients are able to get an appointment time that suits them 

  • Please note if you are waiting a while in clinic it is because we are providing fullsome care to patients before you. Rest assured you will receive the same care and we are aware that you have been waiting.

  • All practitioners are made aware of your arrival and wait time via our software.

"Making the appointment was very quick and easy. Had a few reminders which is a big bonus. The waiting room radiates peace and comfort. The TV introduced us to the professions who work there and also the staff. Beautiful imagery of Port Noarlunga and surrounds"

Client Services Team

Client Services Team

  • Our client services team is where your journey with Saltfleet Clinic will often commence, they listen to your feedback and always strive to maintain excellence in client services.

  • Patients highly rate the professionalism, friendliness and helpfulness displayed by our client services team

"Everyone who works at Saltfleet clinic have only ever made me feel welcome and relaxed visiting the clinic"

"It's the first and last touchpoint with a client and if the staff don't reflect the attitude of your amazing practitioners then it would leave a bad taste in the patients mouth, good thing they're all amazing! Keep up the great work!"

Practitioner Team

Practitioner Team

  • Our practitioners are dedicated to excellence in their profession. They strive to understand your needs and give you the time and expertise you require.

  • Our practitioners appreciate and act on all feedback from patients to understand your needs and evaluate their treatment programs, always with the patient in mind.


"I was given all the time I needed, without feeling that the staff were under pressure to get out numbers. Felt relaxed and comfortable."

"A deeply reassuring and knowledgable practitioner, balancing the personal touch with a clear assessment and guidance around my condition."

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