To our valued patients:

At Saltfleet Clinic we recognise the importance of keeping up to date with the latest facts in relation to the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are diligently monitoring the latest advice from from Federal and State Health Departments. We will therefore be updating this page regularly and ask that our patients access the information below on a regular basis.


We understand the virus may have mild symptoms for many, but for some people in our community, COVID-19 may cause serious illness. We therefore believe it is necessary to take measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our community. 

Your health and your experience here at Saltfleet Clinic is our number one priority, so please be reassured that we are taking measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 not only for the benefit of the broader community, but for the benefit of our valued patients at the time of their visit. It is also necessary to protect our practitioners and staff so that we are able to continue to provide you with care.

By following some important standards and protocols in relation to infection control and prevention we aim to continue to welcome our patients to Saltfleet Clinic and to continue provide excellence in health optimisation, injury rehabilitation and pain management.

Further information can be found here (Federal Health Information on COVID 19) and here (State Health Information on COVID-19).

Our Infection Control and Prevention Procedures

At Saltfleet Clinic we maintain infection control and prevention policy and procedures in line with Australian Standards and the RACGP 5th edition Standards.


This means we:

  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces with detergent and disinfectant wipe/solution between each patient visit.

  • Regularly clean/disinfect surfaces in all areas that patients have contact with.

  • Clean all floors regularly.

  • Comply with hand hygiene standards.

  • Make available hand sanitiser in the reception area, bathrooms and all consulting rooms.

  • Clean and disinfect equipment after each use.

When to Reschedule Your Appointment

We advise you to call 81861963 to reschedule your appointment in the following circumstances:

  • You have recently arrived in Australia

  • You have had contact with a COVID-19 case

  • You are currently experiencing fever, flu like symptoms, shortness of breath or respiratory illness. 


Good Hygiene for Patients

Everyone must practise good hygiene to protect against infection and prevent the virus spreading. 


Good hygiene includes:

  • covering your coughs and sneezes with your elbow or a tissue

  • disposing of tissues properly

  • washing your hands often with soap and water, including before and after eating and after going to the toilet

  • using alcohol-based hand sanitisers

  • cleaning and disinfecting surfaces

  • if you are sick, avoiding contact with others and staying more than 1.5 metres away from people

Hand Sanitisation

Upon entry to the clinic please sanitise your hands with the hand sanitiser provided at the entry door. Please also sanitise your hands before entering the consulting room and before leaving the clinic.

Waiting Room

Our waiting room has been rearranged to ensure 1.5m distancing between people. We have implemented electronic consent and intake forms via email to minimise time spent in the waiting room. Please note we do not have a GP and the waiting room is quiet with low numbers of people. Please bring only those people that need to be present, no additional people are permitted to attend.

Your Mental Wellbeing During the Pandemic

For many people the COVID-19 outbreak will contribute to anxiety and depression. We offer appointments with a psychologist at Saltfleet Clinic because we believe looking after your mental wellbeing is essential. Please don't hesitate to book by calling 8186 1963 or using the website.



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