Carrie Thomson | Receptionist

Carrie Thomson is an integral member of our client services team. As your first point of contact, Carrie will warmly welcome you to Saltfleet Clinic.

Carrie brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her role at Saltfleet Clinic. She has a 10-year background in administration where she has been a Personal Assistant, a Corporate and Retail Travel Consultant and a Certified Trainer and Assessor.

Carrie also excels in customer service and knows what it takes to meet your needs. She will always take the time to listen to you and set you on the right track with our multidisciplinary team.

Her personal interests include fitness, in particular weightlifting, music and experimenting with healthy cooking and photography. She loves to spend time with her family and has a wonderful circle of like-minded friends whom she enjoys exercising, spending weekends away and travelling with.

Key Information

  • Strong background in customer service and administration

  • Certified Trainer and Assessor

  • A role model for health optimisation

  • Lives locally and values the local community