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Angela Lai | Senior Podiatrist

Angela Lai graduated from the University of South Australia in 2014 and worked as a podiatrist for six years in Wagga Wagga, a regional city in New South Wales.


She has experience in all areas of podiatry, including lower limb pain and injuries, ingrown toenail surgery and wound care. She has a graduate certificate in diabetes education and a passion for preventing diabetes-related complications. This inspired her to undertake further studies and she is currently in the process of obtaining her diabetes educator credentialling.


Angela is a compassionate clinician with a strong focus on patient-centred care. She recognises that each patient is unique and her management options are tailored to each individual’s needs.


Outside podiatry, Angela enjoys spending time with her family now she is back in her home city of Adelaide. She also has a passion for giving back to her local community. When she lived in Wagga Wagga, Angela was involved in community groups that raised funds for local charities; she plans to make a similar contribution in Adelaide. 

Key Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Podiatry

  • Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Education

  • Extensive experience in a regional setting

  • Member Australian Podiatry Association

  • Special interest in diabetes education and prevention of diabetes related complications

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